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Our tutors are not only qualified educators, but also passionate about teaching and helping students gain confidence in their academic abilities. Tutors are carefully selected for their enthusiasm, energy, and communication skills, as well as their subject matter expertise.

Sonal Raghubir


My name is Sonal Raghubir and I have been tutoring since 2019. I am currently a
Mathematics tutor, and I have helped many students reach their academic goals.
I have been pursuing my Veterinary Science degree with the University of Pretoria
for the past 4 years.
I love people and children, and my favourite thing about teaching is getting to know
my students and appreciating their individualistic value. Another thing that makes
teaching so special to me, is giving students the ability to think independently, and
realise their own capabilities and potential.



I am a dedicated and patient tutor with a passion for mathematics. I have been tutoring part-time since 2019, while also pursuing a BSc degree in computer science at the University of Johannesburg. I am currently in my 3rd year of the program and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to my students. I have a hardworking attitude and an ability to explain complex mathematical concepts in an easy-to- understand manner. I strive to help my students achieve their goals and excel in math!



My name is Kayleigh Wiid and I am a Mathematics and Physical Sciences tutor and centre manager here at Axis Learning. I’ve been with Axis Learning for a year now and I am in my 4th year of studying a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics and Physics. I have been teaching and tutoring since October 2020, where I started as an Afrikaans substitute teacher for an IEB primary school and felt the spark for teaching ever since. I love teaching because it allows me to change the world through the young generation and to inspire children to be the best versions of themselves in all aspects of their lives.



I have been the Afrikaans Tutor at Axis Learning for the last four years.. When I started tutoring I was in my third year of doing my studies. I teach both Primary and High School Afrikaans.

I have my bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Psychology and Communication Sciences, and my Bachelor of Social Sciences Honors in Psychology. I am currently applying to do my masters in Psychology.

I absolutely love teaching and have experience with more than just Afrikaans, teaching a range of children from differing backgrounds and circumstances. My passion is to assist learners in realizing what they are capable of and how to achieve their goals.



I am currently studying a BSC, majoring in Applied Mathematics and Physics. This is with the desire to pursue a passion for teaching that I have found in my 5 years of Mathematics and Physical Science tutoring. I am currently involved with tutoring for Mathematics, and Physical Science for Axis Learning, in particular Grade 10-12. I started at Axis in 2021, in 2022 I worked at Youth Centre in Mpumalanga teaching High School Mathematics and Physical Science. I have re-joined Axis Learning this year.

I focus on a practical approach with my students; by doing so we can identify gaps in theoretical subject knowledge, and once addressed can move forward with ensured understanding. This is based upon my belief that understanding strengthened by consistent practice will lead to success. This approach has been successful with my students over the years, as well my personal matric results in 2014 (most notably with the 91% I achieved for Mathematics).

I have a reserved personality but am set on fire in a tutoring session by my passion for the subject content. I strive to instil an understanding of how the content relates to real world applications. It is my belief that this can greatly contribute to a student’s desire to succeed. I was fortunate to receive such guidance in my time at Parktown Boy’s High School, which I attended from 2010-2014.

While my studies to tend to keep me fully engaged I do enjoy reading fantasy novels, spending time with my family and have been known to play Minecraft on occasion.

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