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Axis learning center is a modern, professional science tutoring service provider based in Sandton, Johannesburg. Our science tutor services are available in Sandton and surrounding areas such as Bryanston, Fourways, Hurlingham, and the Nothern Suburbs in Johannesburg ( Hyde Park, Parkmore, Benmore Gardens, Bramley, Saxonwold Parktown, Randburg, Gallo Manor, Bryanston, and Craighall). All learners in grades 5 to 12 are welcome to join our after-school science tutor sessions and special exam preparation classes.
Science Tutors Sandton


Why Choose is Axis learning for your child’s after-school science tuition extra lessons?

Our Science Tutors are carefully selected to ensure that each learner receives the best assistance in learning the science subject. All our science tutors are professionals and experts in their respective subjects with years of experience teaching both primary and high school learners. 

Our creative, innovative approach makes it easier for each student to understand the science subject. We make it our primary goal to help each student cultivate a love for learning the science subject. Axis Learning professional Tutors encourage learners to love and master the science subject and provide learners with the skill set to help them understand their work. That’s why we offer a solid foundational learning experience through our innovative teaching methods to help the students to understand and excel in science. All lessons are delivered in a professional, safe environment by passionate Science Tutors. 


“Science is nothing more than the development of common sense,” said Albert Einstein. Einstein, Albert

  1. We first evaluate the student to determine where they have significant knowledge gaps and frequent mistake patterns costing them marks.
  2. We then choose a mentor from our group of scientific instructors. A pupil must ‘like’ their teacher and look forward to the classes to succeed.
  3. Tutors engage students through practical small group classes that genuinely teach ideas and concepts; a qualified tutor is assigned to help each student succeed.
  4. We provide the student with organized homework to do in between classes. Science calls for much experience.
  5. We employ projects, hands-on activities, and experiments to engage students and arouse their attention.
  6. The student takes many practice exams so they may hone their exam-taking abilities, and we can track their development and boost their confidence.
  7. A student must get acquainted with the memorandum’s technical requirements to succeed. We train students how to take tests.
  8. We oversee, direct, and assist the program to guarantee a superb outcome


Our Science tutors do not simply understand the material; they also know how to teach it. As a result, our pupils usually get 20 to 50% % higher grades. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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