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Maths Tutor Fourways, Sandton? | Grade 5 to 12 Tutors

Our modern and innovative after-school maths tutor Fourways, Sandton lessons are available for grade 5 to 12 learners based in Fourways and all northern suburbs of Johannesburg. Our maths extra tuition lessons empower learners with a purposeful and personalized approach that extends beyond the classroom. We have professional primary school and high school maths tutors. Our team of experienced educators is committed to increasing students' confidence in themselves as learners who can think for themselves as well as collaborate in an educational environment.
Maths Tutors Fourways, Johannesburg

All grade 5 to 12 maths learners based in Fourways, Sandton who want to succeed in Maths can succeed if they have the right attitude and the right assistance from our dedicated and professional Maths Tutor Fourways, Sandton. Our professional maths tutors Fourways for grades 5 to 12 help provide this support to children who might be falling behind or struggling to understand mathematics. We aim to make sure that students are catching up on their work and maintaining a high level of performance throughout the academic year.

Small group classes are available to aid students during their mathematics lessons. The classes will help students review and prepare for future examinations, too. It’s also an opportunity for students to work together and develop confidence in their mathematical skills.

Using our tailor-made study materials, you can prepare for exams by trying the question-and-answer maths materials we’ve developed over the years.

Axis learning is a professional extra tuition-based private company that provides private maths tutor services and exam preparation tutoring services.

Each learner will get quality attention from one of our experienced and professional tutors. We’ll work with you to create a lesson plan that’s tailored to your needs and specific goals.

We understand that it can be tough to stay motivated during the school year. That’s why we offer last-minute exam preparation for students who need a little extra help with their mid-year and end-of-midterm exams. Maths Exam preparation lessons are broken up into Paper 1 and Paper 2 days so students can sign up for topics they would like to focus on. Along with 3-5 hours of tuition per day, students will also receive a workbook with practice questions.

At Axis learning, we believe in providing an education that goes beyond the classroom. We want to help your child reach their full potential by guiding them through the tasks they’re assigned. It is our goal to ensure their foundation is strong so they can continue growing and excelling throughout their life. Contact us today for a free assessment.

Maths Tutors Fourways, Sandton FAQ'S

A professional math tutor from Axis learning can help you to better understand the subject, catch up on missed work, and prepare for exams. A tutor can also provide you with tips and tricks for solving problems, and help to build your confidence in your abilities.

Yes, our professional maths tutors can help you to understand the concepts you’re struggling with, work through difficult problems and improve your grades.

At axis learning we pride ourselves in providing affordable Maths extra tuition lessons and support at an affordable price for learners in Fourways, Sandton.  Our prices are as follows:

Maths Tutor Prices Fourways

Grades 8 – 12

One lesson per week: R 2 175 per month
Sibling Discount: R325 per month

Grades 1 – 7

One lesson per week: R 1 750 per month
Sibling Discount: R325 per month

We help students to understand and work through maths concepts that they are struggling with. We also help them to develop study skills and habits that will make learning maths easier for them.

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From 35% in first term to Maths Olympiad entrant in November. I'll recommend these guys anytime!Calvin BrowneDecember 15, 2022
Axis is a wonderful learning environment. They really care about your child's progress.Nina DawsonDecember 2, 2022
Everything is amazing from actual subject matter teaching to community. I loved my experience.Megan FronemanNovember 30, 2022
Marionelle PeroldNovember 30, 2022
Jessica ChamberlainNovember 30, 2022
Absolutely amazing, very friendly and welcoming place where learning becomes easy.Alessandro BaischNovember 30, 2022
I did extra math tuitions here for four years and it was a really great experience. I really enjoyed the teaching style and saw improvements in my marks!! Chelsea is FabulousJyothika RamdhaniNovember 30, 2022
10/10 recommend would eat here again :))AmaliaNovember 30, 2022
I LOVE AXIS. the main reason why i passed matric. it’s a very fun environment to learn as well as the teachers having a lot of patience to explain a concept until it is fully understood.Lauren ThomsonNovember 30, 2022

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