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Every youngster should, in our opinion, realize their full potential. Our high school tutors offer extra tuition for Maths, Science, Accounting, and Afrikaans for grades 5 to 12 in our Secondary School Transformation Program. Our high school tutoring program is designed to give your child the keys to becoming the elusive A-student and prepare them for success in school and life after graduation.
High School Tutors

Axis Learning Unique High School Tutoring Approach

Our comprehensive teaching approach is a tried-and-true three-step technique for high school pupils to succeed. Our students are motivated and highly engaged in learning any subject by applying modern creative learning techniques suitable for grade 8 to 12 high school students.

We always aim to build students’ confidence in their abilities by creating engaging learning material that helps them learn faster and love to learn.

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Axis learning secondary school tutors might turn your kid into an A student even if they have previously fallen short of their potential.
Our professional tutors understand the importance of creative and innovative learning methods that helps to enhance the educational process of grade 8 to 12 secondary school learners. When tutors make learning exciting, learners are more willing to participate and often find the lesson more memorable. Our innovative approach makes learning fun and helps to synthesize information and bring joy and meaning to your child’s educational experience.

Give us a call today or email us to book a free assessment for your child. We have taken bold steps in creating tutoring lessons that help students of all ages in grades 8 to 12 excel in high school. Our unique, open, creative, and safe space for students enhance your child’s learning experience by offering them better opportunities to engage and learn.


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