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Maths Extra-Curricular Tuition For Grade 5-12  Students in Sandton, Johannesburg & Surrounding Areas

Boost your child’s confidence with our Mathematics extra tuition after-school program. Our qualified professional tutors are at the heart of our service and are passionate about helping each student improve their mathematics grades. Over the years, we have created robust, high-quality learning resources to help any learner struggling with mathematics achieve better results. Our innovative and creative mathematics teaching methods offer practical ways to keep learners engaged and motivated to reach their full capabilities in solving mathematical problems. We provide personalized, face-to-face lessons in a friendly and safe learning environment to help every student to succeed. Finding a maths tutor Sandton for your child has never been easier.

Professional Maths Tutors Sandton-Our after-school Maths tutor solutions work. Here’s how.

Our years of teaching experience, backed by historical data, show that learners who get extra assistance with their Maths tend to improve their grades in school. All extra tuition is offered after school during flexible hours, which is the perfect solution for your child.

Friendly Learning Environment where learning is fun

Your child is in good hands with us. Our qualified, highly trained mathematics tutors apply creative & innovative learning methods to help every learner boost their confidence and love for learning mathematics. We cover every area of your child’s school math curriculum to help them reach their full potential and improve their grades. We aim to help every child achieve high marks in their subject by providing support from start to finish. The good thing about Axis learning is that we don’t just talk but walk the talk. Visit us at our Axis learning center premises and learn how many parents have successfully helped their children to improve their Maths grades with our innovative maths tutoring program.

Highly engaged lessons by maths tutors in sandton to keep learners motivated

Our love drives our after-school Maths Tutoring lessons for teaching and years of experience in helping students achieve better marks for their Mathematics subjects at school. Our passionate tutors motivate each learner to do better and help them gain confidence in themselves, thus improving a student’s overall performance. Axis learning is the best place to find maths tutors sandton. Read our happy student reviews here for more information. Unlike in a school environment, all students receive personal attention and assistance to help them improve their grades.

Make Planning Easy with Flexible Timetable

We believe in keeping things simple, and we’re here to support you in meeting your expectation. Our flexible timetable is suited to accommodate both primary and high school learners. Parents can contact our office or apply online by completing our online form, we support all learners in need of maths tutors Sandton. Click here to get directions to our learning center, we are situated at The Station, Platform 1, 63 Peter Place, Bryanston, Sandton, 2191.

Professional Maths Tutoring Services

Try our professional Mathematics tutors today and help your child regain their confidence. Our promise is a guaranteed improvement in your child’s understanding of the maths subject, and we aim to help them reach their full potential and get better marks in every exam. Contact us today if you’re looking for professional maths tutors sandton and surrounding areas.


hem reach their full potential and get better marks in every exam.